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The top 5 architecture + interior design trends for 2018.




The new year is upon us and we have sat down to go over the trend’s that we see emerging and taking root in 2018. 

1. Texture


Texture has always played a huge importance in Architecture and Interior Design but in 2018 we will see an inclination towards mixing and matching contrasting textures. We will see metallic’s being paired with matte’s, polished stone benchtop’s set beautifully against natural timber cabinetry. The possibilities are endless but 2018 is the year of textural contrast.  


2. Colour


In 2017, we noticed a trend towards pastel’s and we believe this will continue in 2018. Millenial Pink was (and still is) the must have right now but we can definitely see colour such as mints and pale blues coming through strong. We would suggest using any pastel’s through your feature pieces such as rugs, cushions etc. The trend might not be around for long enough for you to really love that Millenial Pink full height tiled bathroom in 5 years time. 


3. Indoor/Outdoor Living


In Australia, we love indoor/outdoor living but this will be an even bigger hit in 2018. We are seeing many clients coming through wanting outdoor living rooms and spaces that fully open to the environment. The seamless blending between indoor and outdoor will further be enhanced through the use of indoor plants and large picture windows framing gorgeous garden scenes. 


4. Eco-Friendly Design


This trend has been growing for a number of years and towards the end of last year, we certainly noticed a huge rise in the amount of informed client’s coming through looking for a design that wouldn’t impact too much on the environment. There has been a tremendous increase in building materials available to the Perth home market which will far outstrip the traditional brick and tile construction performance wise. What does this mean for the homeowner? Better internal temperatures year round, increased sound insulation, faster construction times and a much lower electricity bills. We are at the forefront of this boom so give us a call if you want to discuss an eco-friendly design that you have in mind. 


5. Integration


Once upon a time features and appliances were just bought and bolted on or slid into place. Think your microwave, fridge, lights, switches etc. Currently, there is a swing towards integrating these elements and much more into the design itself. Yes, it takes far longer to design but the end product is a beautiful, sleek home that works perfectly without unsightly switches, lines and features.